The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware has entered standing orders requiring parties in certain bankruptcy litigation to participate in mediation prior to trial. The firm’s managing partner, Adam Hiller, is on the Register of Approved Mediators maintained by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

Mr. Hiller has extensive experience in bankruptcy litigation—and especially in preference litigation—and has represented literally hundreds of clients in these matters in the last two decades, both from the plaintiff’s side and the defendant’s.

In many instances, preference litigation involves traditional issues and defenses, such as the ordinary course of business defense and the new value defense. In other instances, a case may be decided on the basis of unique issues. In all such cases, Mr. Hiller will help the parties reach a meeting of the minds through meaningful feedback, frank disclosure of risks, and minimizing the acrimony that the litigation may have engendered.

Due to the firm’s competitive billing rates and Mr. Hiller’s extensive experience in bankruptcy litigation, he is a cost-effective solution for a practical mediation experience that accomplishes an agreed settlement while minimizing expense. For bankruptcy estates and post-confirmation trustees seeking mediation in high-volume cases, special rates and a creative fee structure are available.

In addition to bankruptcy litigation, Mr. Hiller is able to provide mediation services in a variety of areas, such as commercial contract disputes and other civil litigation.

Mr. Hiller underwent his mediation training at the Claremont Dispute Resolution Center.

Persons seeking to discuss Mr. Hiller’s availability to serve as mediator should contact him using the form or phone number below.

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